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Granite countertops cost is usually high, although not as much as it might seem at first sight. For most of us, nothing compares to the beauty of granite countertops for both kitchen and bath. Granite, besides being a very strong and durable material, has a variety of designs and ideal colors to add warmth to a room.

Granite countertops price

Currently the price range for a granite countertop is $ 40 / $ 250 per square foot. You will have to add to these figures the cost of installation, which could be anywhere up to around $ 15 per square foot. But if you're on a tight budget there are always opportunities to lower these costs.
You can find discounts on granite if you look hard enough on the internet. The key is to study the size and style of your kitchen. Once you've determined what you need to enhance your room, try to spot off-cuts offers and end of the line colors that some small shops usually offer only when you ask for them. If you are not willing to do this work yourself, you can always turn to professional installers. Most of them tend to offer a complete service including design, installation and delivery. These services usually increase the overall cost, but it’s worth it if you don’t have time to devote to this task or if you lack enough skills.

The advantage of living in these harsh times of economic recession it's that is easier to find truly gems at a discount price in most major stores. These days it is increasingly common to see 15-60% discount granite countertops. A very useful advice is to visit craft shops, and dare to haggle over prices. Sellers are willing to lower the granite countertops cost just to snap up a sale.

Another aspect to consider when shopping for granite countertops is that granite is often offered in different tiers of quality. The difference in colors and design patterns, thickness, grain origin, treatment and termination are all factors that can increase or decrease the cost of granite countertops. So one way to cut costs is to consider buying only the granite in the lower tiers. This shopping technique will save you a ton of money on the purchase of granite.

Granite countertops cost per square foot

In summary, let’s say that it is possible to lower the cost of the granite countertops if you follow the following instructions:

  • Do not be afraid to ask the seller a discount.
  • Consultation granite countertops or lower level of material balances.
  • Do not let fashion trends and décor magazines influence your decision when buying your granite countertop.
  • Study proportions and style of the room where you will install the countertop.
  • Try to find off-cuts whenever you can.
  • Finally you should call local installers and compare different budgets.

By following these simple instructions you will be able to reduce the cost of granite countertops and find the ideal product to furnish and decorate your room.